Opening post – 12/07/14 3:37am

First off, I suppose I should introduce myself a little.

My name is Jake Gorton, and this blog is my day-to-day diary of what it is like to be in pain.

I’m not actually quite sure why I’m doing this to be honest, it appears that perhaps people just don’t know enough about illnesses that they can not see, or perhaps their understanding of such things, isn’t as good as it should be.

I myself, suffer from a couple of illnesses that can not be cured, and instead, can only be ‘managed’ for the rest of my life.

I say ‘managed’ because whilst I do have full faith in the United Kingdoms healthcare, it does sometimes seem that they’re… yanno… playing me along?

Thinking about it, I can kind of see why.

I’m 20 years old, and I suffer from a condition known as Ankylosing Spondylitis. For those of you that don’t know… In layman’s terms… My bones within my pelvis and spine are fusing / have fused, together. Alongside that, I also have Chronic Pain Disease, a recently certified disease which in my case, is situated in my spinal cord. More specifically, the nerves within said spinal cord. These nerves have been damaged, at some point within my life, and these nerves have took it upon themselves to remember the damage and the pain which was inflicted by said damage, and remind me of it everyday via, well… the experience of Chronic Pain.

As I sit here now, I’m comfortable. I don’t want to move, because if I do two things will happen.

Firstly, I’ll wake up the other half, and whilst sometimes nice, she needs her sleep more than I do.

And secondly, I’ll be in pain, infact, I’ll be in even more pain than I’m in now and as I’m writing this, I can feel the pain in my neck. Therefore, I may have to move soon, and this is how my struggle starts.

This isn’t necessarily meant for anything but a personal diary. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, and in fact, the missus suggested it not too long ago but suggested a journal instead. I thought this would be a slightly easier option and perhaps could be shared and viewed by people interested in what my conditions are, and what it’s like to live with them on a daily basis.

It is hopefully going to be used to track my own personal progress, development, and also see if I can find a pattern between my flare ups and ‘normal’ times.

We shall hopefully see. I just hope I can stick to it this time!


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