Aftermath of Procedure – 18/07/14 10:54

So yesterday I realised that anaesthetic can have a serious lasting effect on the body, or at least, it did on mine.

Don’t get me wrong, I was ‘okay’ to a point. Yesterday I woke up, and I felt alright. My pain levels were low, the stiffness has mostly faded as with the aching, so I was relatively happy and I couldn’t complain. Next thing I know, I’m feeling lethargic and have a very deep sickly feeling in my stomach.

At this point, I’m confused. I had a good amount of sleep the night before, I’ve still taken my meds as normal, and I’ve eaten. So what the hell is going on? I wouldn’t mind, but I was border-lining dangerous as I continued to get even more lethargic as I went to see the missus at work. After leaving her, I went to see my mum on her break and she questioned whether I had taken anything bar my normal medication. I swiftly refused, but she’d only asked because my pupils were tiny. Granted, it was a very sunny day, but still, they were stupidly small.

She thought it best I go home and sleep, to see if that will help any. I agreed with her, and went home to catch some Zzz’s before I went to go an pick up the other half. Lucky for me, she wanted to get a couple of hours shut eye when we got back to mine, so again, I fell asleep.

Once we’d both awoke, I felt fine. I mean seriously, I felt absolutely fine and actually went to a family get together and had a couple of drinks.

It was strange, because I’m usually tired anyway, not so much because I’m lazy or because I don’t do anything because I’m certainly not lazy at all. It’s mainly because I’m knocking back that many pills, a concoction of painkillers, nerve suppressants and anti-inflammatorys, I’m bound to feel knackered all the time, and alongside the anaesthetic and steroids given to me in my back… I think my body just reacted negatively and needed time to recharge and get itself together.

Granted, as I said, I went to a get together last night and the missus came along too. Me, my mum and the other half, and I can safely say it was lovely. Surprisingly enough actually. Usually this half of the family, whilst most of the time way over the alcohol limit, are a bit.. Stuck up. You see, they have money.. A LOT of money. When you put that next to what my mum earns, she probably earns <10% of what they earn in a year. So it’s difficult for us to understand exactly why they’re so money mad.

My mum works incredibly hard for her wages, always doing overtime and actually sometimes running herself into the ground. The same can be said for the other half too! She does something similar, and I do worry about them both about the amount their working and the affect it’s having on them, but then I have to think… They’re worrying about me too, and when I was working.. I was doing exactly the same, so I understand why they do it.

So we work for our money… Yet this side of the family, at least most of them, have a lot of money given to them. Nevertheless, we had a lovely night, and it was actually the first time I’ve introduced a girlfriend to that side of the family, and it’s safe to say that she got along well with a few of them, which was an absolute pleasure to see. We may not see them all again any time soon, but it was a lovely night.

It was a lovely ending, to an otherwise very strange day. It was odd feeling that way, it has to be said, and I hope that I don’t feel like that again any time soon. Then again, it’s just the aftermath of all the shit running through my body.

I really wish that I didn’t have to take all these tablets, and perhaps one day, I’ll explain why.

For now though, I’m going to end this here, and coincidentally enough.. Go and get the other half!

Pain Rating: 4

Pain Rating


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